Diagnostic Testing

sample image Our current focus is testing for patients with digestive challenges. Over 60 Million people use Acid reducing medication and we needed to find companies focused on determining the cause(s) of the issues and not just managing symptoms.


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In this issue:
•Adalimumab Induces Mucosal Healing in Crohn’s Disease
•Hepatic Cannbinoid Receptor-1 and Insulin Signaling

Our Partners

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Relationship Building

sample imageWhat do we mean by relationship-building? When we talk about the competency of relationship-building in the world of business, we are referring to building strong relationships with partners and clients – about using interpersonal skills to network in an effective way. Just like other sciences, with our mastery of the psychology of relationships we can:

* Dramatically improve client customer relations
* Improve physician and patient interaction
* Aid in improved patient outcomes
* Increase the number of patients serviced

Customer Education

Our staff, in conjunction with the senior people at the laboratories we represent, continues to develop educational material and consult with physicians on test application. Our Laboratories have numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals both for analytical methods and clinical applications. We seek to build and maintain a reputation for the highest quality and reliability in the services and to advance this specialty area of medicine through education, research and publications.

Digestive Disorders

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Patients with IBS/IBD and other GI disorders may be exposed to significantly higher doses of diagnostic radiation.  Learn More

Next Generation Technology

sample imageWe continue to work with our cutting edge Laboratories to develop innovative diagnostic testing profiles with "Next Generation Technology". This helps to further advance treatment options for chronic diseases and the progression of digestive disorders as they impact most of the other organs in the body.  We currently work with 2 Laboratories that have patents (or patents pending) for new testing methods and applications with more in the pipeline.